Balmain Bugs

I ate this. No, really, I did! It’s like a little alien lobster. They’re supposed to be sweeter than lobster and crab, but it tasted about the same to me. Oh, and they leave the heads on seafood here when they serve it to you in restaurants. So if you order shrimp or fish, you’ve got to tear the head off it yourself when it’s sitting there on your dinner plate. As a person who avoids a lot of meat for both health and ethical reasons, this really reminds me that I’m eating something that used to be alive… because it’s sitting there on my plate… STILL LOOKING AT ME.   …shiver…

9 thoughts on “Balmain Bugs

  1. At some soul food places they serve food only in styro-foam carry out containers, and if you order fish the tail will hang out the side….

  2. I haven’t seen a head on food since Christmas Story. Liz, this sounds like an incredible adventure. We look forward to your chronicles and welcoming you home with a trip to your favorite Chicagoland haunt (Chicken Shack, right?).

  3. Adventurous! Hmm… If you told me they were seafood critters, I’d try one. Now that I know they are called “bugs”, I simply can’t be as adventurous as you. I completely am in the same boat with you on tearing heads off… I don’t think I could eat meat as much esp if I had to hunt it myself LOL.

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