Let’s get Started!

Sometimes you just need to get out there and see the world. But, being an American, those 2 weeks of vacation time a year just don’t really give you the kind of time you need to get to know a new place, or places, very well.  So, some of us go drastic and quit our jobs and leave our loved ones temporarily for an adventure of a lifetime. Eeep!

I’ll be starting out in Australia, where I’ll get to meet relatives I’ve never seen before in person, and see others for the first time in 17 years. Then, look out, Southeast Asia!  I’m heading your way!

15 thoughts on “Let’s get Started!

  1. Hey traveldish! Looks like you’ve already started a grand tour of the world- have fun!! You’ll love Myanmar- the people are sincere and smiley, the tea is sweet and tasty, and the food is spicy and cheap. As far as suggestions go? Exchange your money at a bank- hotels will do it, but at a much lower rate. We were told/found out that the banks now DO change at the best rate- so you don’t have to go black market to get a good deal.
    Bagan and Inle are supposedly the most “touristy” spots, but we found them pretty empty- nothing compared to “touristy” in Cambodia or Thailand! Still worth a visit, and you can always find non-tourists places to eat/sleep/shop. Oh, and if you want to see Inle without lots of travelers, arrange for a sunrise tour. This was recommended to us, and we did it to- got onto the lake at 6:00 am for perfect sunrise photos, and beat the rest of the tourist boats by 2 hours.
    Hope you enjoy it- you’ll definitely get the feeling that it is like nowhere else in Southeast Asia….

  2. Hope you are having a great time, Liz! Nice cover picture for the blog and like the new title too. Looking forward to reading about your travel and culinary adventures. -Suz

    p.s. – did you see its rumored that Prince Harry has a new girlfriend? someone from an all girl pop group??

    • Thank you! I’m trying to update often and post interesting photos. Hope you enjoy the blog! So Harry’s got a new bird, eh? I’ll have to google that. Thanks for the news! 🙂

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