Custard Apple

This little darling (which to me looks like some curled-up scaly baby dragon-like creature) is a custard apple, which not only went well with David’s decor, but also tasted sweet and softly fruity. I’d recommend trying one. Incidentally, we named this one Cuthbert.

4 thoughts on “Custard Apple

  1. Even though it doesn’t look too appetising, it’s quite yummy 🙂 Have you tried Durian before? Doesn’t look or smell appetising, but lots of people love it, and its flavour is used in drinks and desserts.

      • I just hold my breath. But it was recommended to me to start off with a durian flavoured dessert – the smell and taste isn’t as strong so you won’t be too put off. It gets you used to it before you go for the actual fruit itself >_<

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