You knew there would be a post about birds, didn’t you? They have these beautiful multi-colored rainbow lorikeets flying around wild here.  And sulphur-crested cockatoos!  Landing in the trees outside! Like they haven’t a care in the world! Like they think they own the place! Like their brethren aren’t sitting in cages across the rest of the globe, respecting man’s dominion over them!

It’s just amazing to see these enormous pure white parrots fly by your window. They’re incredibly noisy, though, so even if you wanted to pay $1000 to get one in the states, you might regret it after a while. Well, I haven’t gotten any good photos of those yet, but these rainbow lorikeets have cooperated and posed for me. The top one was a pet that we found in a hardware shop in Balmain, (and she gave me a kiss!) but my first sighting was within hours of landing in Sydney.  A couple of wild ones had gotten into a fruit and veg market and were flying around up in the rafters, peering down at us shoppers. It’s just a miracle to see such colorful gorgeous creatures in the wild. Or in a fruit market/hardware store, I suppose.

7 thoughts on “Birds

  1. If you want to get up close and personal with the white cockys, try going to the botanic gardens close to sunset, and bring peanuts! There’s a spot towards the innermost part of the cove where they seem to gather, at least when I was there. We were mobbed, and had half a dozen perched on each of us, and 40 or 50 all around before long. That’s where that photo I sent a few months back was taken.

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