They eat WHAT???

This country has some delicious food. And some weird food.  And some of the same food, but with different names. What an adventure!

First, let’s look at some of this odd food. Apparently, aboriginals in the outback actually eat witchetty grubs.

They pull them right out of the ground and eat them, because they’re an excellent source of protein. But even the candy version looks a little gross to me. I’m going to pass on this one.

Remember those cute photos I posted of the kangaroos?  This is the first type of kangaroo I saw here. Also available: Kanga Bangas. Yes- bangers made out of kangaroo.

But there’s far more good stuff here than weird stuff. In fact, not only have I found nothing questionable in my counsins’ cupboards, (except that vegemite) I think I’ve wanted to try eating every other unique/new-to-me food I’ve found here. Now that foodie adventure could fill a few new posts already…