Offerings in Ubud

I’m posting from my new favorite cafe in Ubud: Laba-Laba. They have delicious fresh-squeezed juices (for less than $2) and free wif-fi.  🙂

When walking down the street, you will find beautiful little packages left out on the sidewalk (or even on the seats of parked motorbikes) as offerings to the Gods each morning. There are colorful flowers and shredded pandan leaves nestled with crackers or rice or some tidbit in a square or flower-shaped tray of woven coconut leaves, usually with a stick of incense burning down alongside it.

Consequently, the air throughout this village smells smoky and fragrant with flowers and incense. I stopped and spoke with some people creating a whole stacked tray of the offerings and they explained to me the types of plants they use in them, and that they try to put them out 2-3 times a day.  But sometimes, “people get too busy”.  Many people make the offerings themselves, but those that are too busy create work and an opportunity for others, including the little group I spoke to, who were minding their shops while sitting on the stoop out front with little plastic bags of flowers and the large trays in their laps, creating these little masterpieces of thoughtful intention.