Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been spoiled by free cousin wi-fi in Sydney and Canberra, and the harsh reality of paying for it per minute in Cairns has led to some pre-written words here. So, look out for some photos of my Cairns highlights this weekend. I’m definitely looking forward to the reported near-ubiquity of free wi-fi in much of SE Asia… where I guess I’ll already be situated next week!

Cairns has been great. I’ve accomplished some serious highlights here! I’ve snorkeled and scuba-ed in the Great Barrier Reef, where I even got to pet some enormous friendly fish. I also got rained on in the Daintree rainforest and went crocodile-spotting on the river. I drank some rainforest tea and ate some rainforest-flavored ice creams. I’ve also had enormous bats swoop past my head, widely furling out their wings into the distinctive Batman/vampire symbol. When there are thousands passing over your head at night, as if on a night sky bat conveyor belt, it really does feel a little spooky. And today… today, I cuddled a koala!! Don’t I look happy? 🙂