Kangaroos get no respect

Kangaroos get no respect.  They’re the Rodney Dangerfields of the Australian animal world.

Maybe I’m still just trying to justify eating a bit of one.  But, really- look at these products I found in the store.  Ummm… I guess you could say that it’s good that they use the whole animal?


We went to a local park in Canberra, and even though I have much more to post about Sydney, I just had to cut in and show you these amazing kangaroos!  They let us get fairly close, which was amazing.  It’s so interesting to see animals in the wild that you’re conditioned to think of as zoo animals.

 With the exception of the one reclining kangaroo, the others were all just standing around at dusk, hanging out. There were some joeys with their mothers, and as we walked towards them, they usually moved away a bit, so I just stood still and took photos after I got close enough. I’m so used to seeing videos/animation of kangaroos hopping on those large back legs that it was a little surprising to see them move forward by putting weight on those little front legs like any other 4-legged animal would.

They were silent, though, so I don’t know what sounds they make to communicate with each other. That’s one to google. But I like to imagine that they’re gossiping to each other in cockney accents, while scratching their bellies and chewing grass… and maybe burping.