Aussie Abbreviations

Like the Brits, the Aussies abbreviate many words. It makes the language more fun, and gives you interesting puzzles to work through as you listen to conversations.  Listed below are some common abbreviations that require a bit of attention and some problem-solving skills… I’m sure this will come in handy if any of you are ever on “Jeopardy”:

Arvo, sunnies, brekky, g’day, champers, cossie, mozzies, chooks, trackie daks, pressies, esky, Macca’s, snag, Chrissie, etc, etc.

Can you guess them all?

And EVERYONE gets their name abbreviated, often with an “o” at the end, or a “z” sound.  (So, Dave = Davo, and Karen = Kaz, and Sharon = Shaz).

And nobody actually says ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’, not because they wouldn’t use the word ‘barbie’- because they would.  But they wouldn’t bother to put shrimp on it- shrimp (when they even use the word at all), are just tiny things, and here they eat prawns, which can be positively enormous!  And, as I’ve personally discovered: delicious.  🙂