Here I am, happy as a clam.  It was a sunny morning a few days ago, and I was riding high on positive thoughts about Australia, Australian food, and my Australian cousins.

And then came Vegemite.

As it appears to be an Aussie institution and as he has otherwise been an excellent host, I just didn’t feel right in following through on my initial inclination to chuck the jar off David’s balcony when he offered it to me. But because I’ve been exposed to its evil cousin Marmite, I knew better than to slather it on until I couldn’t see the toast (as I would normally do with jam. “Want some toast with your jam?” would generally be an appropriate question to direct at me.)

So, at least I put it on the toast in its correct proportions (ie- one molecule per slice of toast). And it was still wretched. As you can tell by my face. But I ate it. So I can cross that one off my list and move on to things made of chocolate and caramel instead of insects. (Ok, technically it’s not made of insects, but that’s how it tastes. Salty insects. Yes… salty insects who’ve just come home from the pub. That’s it.)

Custard Apple

This little darling (which to me looks like some curled-up scaly baby dragon-like creature) is a custard apple, which not only went well with David’s decor, but also tasted sweet and softly fruity. I’d recommend trying one. Incidentally, we named this one Cuthbert.

My Last Meal

…in the US for the next few months.  🙂  Thank you, Baja Fresh, for serving tasty nachos at one of the food courts at LAX.  But I wish you still made nice fresh guacamole. However, since I didn’t get so much as a bag of pretzels on the 4 hour United flight from Chicago, I’ll stop complaining! (for now…)