To Be Continued…

Well, I’ll be home in less than 2 weeks. The first thing I plan to do is murder some cookie dough, then I will eat my weight in cheese, and finally, I will resume posting all the weird and wonderful things I have discovered on my travels.

I’m hoping the computer will be fixable once I’m back home and in one place for more than 2 days! I look forward to sharing all the rest of my adventures with you then. Stay tuned for cooking classes in Chiang Mai, playing with elephants, Muay Thai fights, a “slow boat” ride down the Mekong River, the vast and mysterious Plain of Jars, a food challenge in the sweet little French-influenced town of Luang Prabang in Laos, Angkor Wat at sunrise and sunset, the temple-eating trees of the Tomb Raider ruins of Ta Prohm in Cambodia, cooking classes in Phnom Penh, the nightime cityscape of Hong Kong from Victoria Harbor, tea plantations in Sri Lanka, fire-twirlers and be-gowned elephants on parade at night for Esala Perahera, and assorted waterfalls, monks, temples, and lots and lots of food. If all goes according to plan in the next week, I’ll also be adding my thoughts and photos of Singapore, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur!

Hope to see you back again soon.


9 thoughts on “To Be Continued…

  1. Sorry to hear your computer still isn’t working! The upcoming blog posts sound amazing. Have fun and see you soon! …I’ll forewarn the cookie dough 😉

  2. Can’t wait to see you! Southeast Asia has had you for long enough!! Time to come home and be ridiculously spoiled with cheese, chocolate (UK Nibbles waiting for you), and other goodies. Have a wonderful last few days and safe travels….mwah!!

  3. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your travels and experiences! .. ooh and in person too! I want to watch you eat your weight in cheese for I believe I shall be amused!
    Next, when you’re back… this means….. We get to eat waffles at the waffle place! I’ll send out another email. ahahahahahah. 🙂
    Unless you want to host a cheese and wine gathering and we sit around you as you tell us tales. I’ll bring much wine and cheese!

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