Just a taste of Vietnamese food

Pate AND peanut butter? Well done, Vietnam!  I’ve sampled the massive hotel buffet breakfasts, and the meager bread and juice offerings. And I really liked the noodle soup breakfast, except for the fact that the soup was hot, and the dining room was hot, and because it was in the mid-90’s outside, I was hot, too…  this heat is making it a little difficult to sample all of the country’s best dishes. On a hot day, I just don’t usually feel like eating hot food. But I’ve managed some, of course, and will include a slideshow of Vietnamese food highlights in a future post.

It’s nice to have tea in the morning, and even nicer to be given sweetened condensed milk for it.

I have to mention that I keep finding mint leaves in my meals. It’s unexpected, but it works.

I haven’t eaten anything distinctively Western yet (except salads, I guess). Honestly, you could easily visit and eat no Vietnamese food at all. You can get pizza, sandwiches, and spaghetti everywhere. But since I haven’t been eating those things, I’ve found that I’ve been craving cheese. But I do see blocks of Edam, etc, in the little markets. Perhaps there’s some remaining French influence here after all.

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