Lotteria Shrimp Burger!

What luck! My train to Nha Trang was cancelled! Which gave me an extra 3 hours in the train station… to discover Lotteria! Now, just because it’s fast food doesn’t mean you have to start judging. It’s not McDonald’s, right? So, I’m justified in eating there. Especially because I don’t have any other options… plus- they have SHRIMP burgers!!!  Just like the delicious one we had in Japan. Why don’t we have these in the US? They’re perfect! It’s a light, melt-in-your-mouth patty of hot, fried shrimp! Crispy on the outside, and delicately buttery shrimpy on the inside! Like a crab cake, but far better. Mmm…  And at 38,000 Vietnamese Dong, it’s not half bad.

  (20,000 VND = $1)


Also, the lemonade was thirst-quenchingly delicious. Sweet, citrusy, and non-carbonated. Ahhhh…


And the mini-blizzard was barely 50 cents!

6 thoughts on “Lotteria Shrimp Burger!

  1. Is that fried Swiss cheese in the top picture? Or maybe it’s Mozze and they just pictured Swiss because it is a caricature of cheese…prototypical holes and all. But if it was Swiss…is it good fried? That shrimp burger looks delish:)

    • Arg- I didn’t try the cheese sticks, so can’t comment on them. I think I’d better find myself another Lotteria! I mean, in the interest of being thorough in my research, of course. I simply must answer your thoughtful questions. 🙂

  2. Do eat at the local places. Think the opposite of what you normally would. If the place is clean, don’t eat there. If the place has garbage all over the floor…it’s a good choice !
    Let me know how quickly you get tired of Pho !

    • Lol! Excellent question! Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂 I’m enjoying reading yours. I noticed you’ve been to Thailand- whereabouts did you go? That’s next on my itineary after Vietnam.

      • My fiance is actually the one who has been – that is a collective list between us 🙂 He lived in Japan for 2 years and went to Thailand during that time! I definitely want to go asap!

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