Ho Chi Minh City markets

Markets seem to be an integral part of any major town here, or maybe I just make them a priority on my walks around. 🙂  I think it makes sense, though. In the absence of big box superstores and massive grocery stores, you need markets.

(Photo: Shopping at the night markets can be so tiring!)

If you come by Ben Thanh Market at lunchtime, you will be knocked out by the heavy smell of fish sauce. And where Ubud had its batik, HCMC has its embroidered silk. Why didn’t I get a bigger suitcase???  And, to be honest, I walked around for about an hour before I realized how much else there was- there are so many shops selling designer knock-offs that I know of a couple of people who would be in heaven here amongst the purses and shoes and bags. I, of course, am more like a magpie and continue to be drawn to the colorful native-looking crafts. Want! And if you miss the markets during the day, you can come back at night when they all open up outside of the marketplace, lining the streets with alluring goodies and spilling light into the night.

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