On traveling with credit cards…

I have the worst luck with credit cards. Almost every time I travel outside of the country, I end up with fraudulent charges on my account. The newest one was from a Turkish airline based in London, who charged almost $25,000 on my credit card this week, even though I have the card with me- I’m looking at it right now. They must have skimmed the number at some point- possibly when I was in London last fall, since I haven’t used that card on this trip. Well, now I don’t have a back-up card anymore. Eeek. Someone in Vanautu used my card the year before last, to charge up $7,000 worth of blueprints and drafting supplies. I’d never even heard of Vanuatu before (though of course Kristi has been there!). The year before that, it was a charge for Google Adwords. And people wonder why I don’t have automatic payments set up on my credit cards!

5 thoughts on “On traveling with credit cards…

  1. Ugh—I’m so sorry to hear it! What a headache. Do you at least get to keep the frequent flyer miles “your” purchase will generate? 😉 Let us know if there’s anything we can do.

  2. OH MY RIDICULOUSNESS!!!! I cannot believe that happened to you.. and repeatedly. **knock on wood*** There needs to be better precautions against credit card fraud!

  3. I agree. You do have BAD luck with credit cards. I’ve traveled 17 years and haven’t had a problem yet. Knock on that beautiful Balinese wood.
    I personally think you should go to Vanuatu and use your credit card there. It’s AMAZING and worth the risk of bringing your credit card.
    And most importantly, sorry this happened to you. But am glad you’re not letting it get you down. There are definitely more GOOD people in the world to meet.

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