Indonesian food

I’ve tried to make sure that I eat distinctly local dishes when I travel (why come all this way for pizza?), both to travel authentically and to experience the food where it was created (maybe in its perfect form?).

So in Indonesia, I’ve sought out Nasi Goreng, Gado-gado, black rice coconut pudding, Chap Cay, and Kwe Tiaw (that last one mainly because I’ve been craving the flat rice noodles from Pad See Ew, and this dish sounded like it had them!) All were delicious.



This dark mess is actually a delicious peanut sauce.


When in restaurants, I have to keep remembering to ask that they not use ice in my drink, and not use tap water, either.

Also, I can’t eat the nice little cut-up bits of pineapple and carrot and tomato and other fruit and veg, or even the lettuce on the side, just in case it was washed in the local water. Hence, all these juices I keep drinking to make sure I get some fresh fruit in my diet! What a nice excuse to have delicious fresh exotic juice combos. Next on my list to try: “avocado juice”!


Mmmm… strawberry juice…

7 thoughts on “Indonesian food

  1. You cannot travel through a country or region without trying the local foods. The local delicacies reflect the culture and landscape (or seascape) in that area, and they are unique. In makes me mad when someone would make the effort to travel, and insist on cardboard food such as McD’s or pizza.

    I think that the biggest culinary differences throughout the world are at breakfast, in fact I blogged about it :

    Black-rice coconut pudding sounds amazing !

  2. [/mouth watering]…that all looks so delicious! Wait, you can get pizza there? McD’s I get…world domination fantasies of trans fats pushing executives…. But pizza, hmm…maybe just because it’s delicious. Is it U.S. style fast food pizza or does what you see seem more Italian-influenced? Anyway, I can’t believe I’m perseverating on pizza with those amazing looking noodles right there. And the peanut sauce, drool.

    • Actually, if I’d been there longer, I would have loved to have gone to this gorgeous little Tuscan restaurant I found, but I couldn’t justify non-native food after only a week. 🙂 I didn’t get a close look at the pizza, so I’m not sure of the details, sorry!

  3. I believe you can get McD’s and Starbucks in every nook and cranny in the world.
    Anyway, agreed, MUST TRY LOCAL when traveling; that’s just what you do! I have no idea what some of those dishes are, but the coconut rice sounds good. I forget about the water.. I know not to drink tap water or local water; only bottled, but I forget that the vegetables and fruits are rinsed in the water. That puts a damper on eating locally… unless you brought a lot of immodium with you? 🙂

    • I stayed away from all of it at first, but recently have been dining with others who just eat everything and say they’ve been fine. Apparently the ice used in drinks, etc, is usually factory-made, and some places actaully write on their menus that they wash their lettuce in bottled water. I’ll take it meal by meal, I guess. Preventatively, I’m trying to eat a yogurt a day to get all those good bacteria protecting me!

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