Gusti Homestay and Warung

I knew this place would be a good fit as soon as I walked up and was greeted by these little guys:

In Ubud, I think that many extended families live in large compounds together, (often with a majestic stone and brick entryway) and sometimes rent out some rooms in one or more of their buildings within. So, at this homestay, you walk past several family buildings before you get to this little garden courtyard path to the rental rooms.

Breakfast! The person that makes breakfast and cleans the rooms appears to be a really young boy.

You wake in the morning to find that he has delivered a thermos of hot water, a tea bag, cup and saucer, and sugar waiting on the table outside your door on the balcony.


My balcony…

Today I ordered fresh fruit and banana pancakes for breakfast. I’ll have eggs tomorrow- probably prepared by the 10 year old.



Fresh fruit salad and some kind of sweet sauce on the crepe:




Oh, and here’s a photo of my bathroom there. Awesome.



4 thoughts on “Gusti Homestay and Warung

  1. fun! really thinking of doing a getaway to bali in august! are you traveling alone? would you recommend a woman to travel alone in bali??

    • Yes, I haven’t had any problems there alone. I loved Ubud- even at night, there are people walking around, so it feels pretty safe. Plus, you’re asked if you’d like a taxi about every 10 feet, so it would be easy to get a safe ride home at any time.

  2. Hmmmm.. I love the little creatures/birdies.. how colorful and adorable. The bathroom is cool… everything just looks and almost feels like a paradise even though I’m nowhere near you. It’s good to know that it is safe; I do worry about that. Everything is lovely! Although.. is this 10 year old boy a good chef?

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