Travel math- currency (or, I’m a millionaire!)

When confronted with the need for cash, luckily, you can just head to the ATM in most countries these days. But deciding on an appropriate amount to withdraw can be a challenge. I was reminded of a similarly uncomfortable math dilemma in Costa Rica with Brian a few years ago when also tackling wildly different currency values. But here’s how it played out for me at the the airport the other day:

“Do I really want to withdraw 300,000 Rupiah?!?!?!”

<Finger tentatively poised above confirmation button>

“Ok- it seems like so much, but let’s do it!”

<ATM transaction completed, fake-looking colorful local currency delivered>

“Oh, wait… that was only $32? Crap. That won’t last me the whole week!”

But since dinner last night was only $3.50… with the exceptions of the 2 hour taxi ride here (195,000 IDR) and all those souvenirs calling out to me, it will likely last me a few days after all. 🙂

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