Immerse yourself in Manly things!

I love that a beach/suburb here is named Manly. And not just coincidentally- it’s actually named Manly because when Captain Arthur Phillip showed up from England in 1788 and “discovered” the cove, he decided to name it “Manly” because he thought the indigenous people there looked so manly and confident.

It’s a very popular beach, and it’s packed with people during the summer. Even though we were there on a cooler autumn day, there were still many people out walking the beach or in the water surfing.

One thing I love about Manly is that like any other city, there are a lot of local businesses named after the town they’re in. Hence, the following “manly” things (I have trouble picking a favorite!):

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4 thoughts on “Manly

  1. I see what you mean about picking a favorite! I’m torn between The Manly Cosmetic & Laser Clinic and the Manly Towels—the former for the contradiction, the latter for its randomness. Well…hope you had fun immersing yourself in Manly!:)

  2. Hmm I’d like some meat from the manly butcher, grill it up at the manly grill, and eat it at the manly laser cosmetic surgery place … ? hmmm lol

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