Eating kangaroo

Originally, I wasn’t in favor of eating such an adorable national symbol. I mean, I was brought up to not eat cute foreign animals like koalas and kangaroos. It just didn’t seem right. But I keep seeing kangaroo meat in grocery stores, and, more importantly from my own perspective, I keep seeing them as road kill- struck by cars and laying dead at the side of the road. This made me realize that they’re basically the equivalent of deer in the US Midwest. They’re not rare or endangered, they’re not protected, and they’re certainly not sacred. And they cause a lot of car accidents! So, that brought them down from cute national icon level to common animal level. And from there, I guess it’s only a short leap to “potential food”. So, keeping in mind that Benjamin Franklin originally suggested the turkey as America’s national symbol (and we certainly don’t hesitate to eat them!), I decided it would be okay for me to try kangaroo meat this one time. You can see Robyn cooking the kangaroo meat on the barbie (above left)- next to the tasty onions and sausages.

5 thoughts on “Eating kangaroo

    • It was just fine- I think the key is in cooking it with skill, because apparently it can be tough otherwise. It basically just tasted like beef. I’ll leave the eagles (and koalas) alone. 😉

  1. 1. So proud you were adventurous!! Interesting to know that Kangaroo are Australian equivalent to deer! In that case, Roo Burgers for all!
    2. I concur; leave the koalas alone!! 🙂
    3. @ Kim: hahahaha LOL “bald eagle” 🙂 You watch Shameless? 🙂

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