Green Canberra

I raved about how green Sydney is, but Canberra is positively rural! The city center itself is not, but they carefully planned it so that the area would feel open and a part of the countryside. Despite being the country’s capital, the emphasis is refreshingly focused on the land- reminding you of the country itself. And guess who helped plan it? An architect couple from Chicago, of course! It’s an excellent approach, though I will say that coming from life in larger cities, the landscape here actually feels a little disconcertingly open to me. But beautiful!

This first photo was taken outside of the Gallagher Winery in Canberra, where we stopped to do a tasting as part of the weekend’s wine harvest festival. I liked the Shaw Vineyard (below) even better; they had a great sweet white wine made from Semillon grapes.

3 thoughts on “Green Canberra

  1. Hey, how do I get THIS job?? Love your writing, enjoying the world tremendously through your eyes … that is, all except eating the kangaroo (*sob*). Love you, can’t wait to see you,


    • Oh, that would be great if it was a job that paid!!! 🙂 Thank you- I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Remember to keep August 11th free for me! It will be so cool to see you!. 🙂 Love, lizart

  2. Absolutely stunning and thrilling. I think I would love this area best of all of Australia that you have posted.

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