New food to try!

I’ve been known to rave about bread before- usually foccacia or ciabatta, or a good old freshly-baked loaf from the corner bakery in England.

But this stuff was a nice surprise.  Despite the description and the unusual name, damper is very tasty and was an enjoyable new thing to try. Oh! I’ve also eaten “turkish bread” a few times already here. Fantastic stuff! It’s like an overgrown English muffin.

Chunky pumpkin?  Whaaa?  No, really- it was good. Plus, “pumpkin” in Oz just means squash. So this was made out of butternut or some other variety. If it makes a good soup, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t turn it into a delicious dip, as well.

 Mmmm… Lamingtons.  There’s not much to them. These things are just a bit of sponge cake covered with a thin layer of chocolate and a thin layer of coconut, but I had a nice fresh moist one the other day, and it was a real treat.  Well done, Australia!

Full disclosure- I haven’t tried the dip on the right yet, but I’m looking forward to it and I know it will be good. I’ve found a lot of tasty cream cheese-based dips here, like the salmon one on the left, and a crab and prawn one that I’m eating right now. I also spotted a sweet corn and red bell pepper dip that looks great. So many new things to try!  Stay tuned…

1 thought on “New food to try!

  1. Damper bread… Lamingtones… YES PLEASE! The other stuff looks tasty too!!!!!
    Australia is officially on my must visit one of these days list!
    Thanks, Liz.

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