Green Sydney

One of the surprising things about Sydney for me is just how green it is. You assume that the largest city in a country will be a hot mess of concrete and glass, but while Sydney certainly has its fair share of tall buildings, the area is unexpectedly lush and green. It smells tropical, reminding me of LA.  And lining the rivers and bays leading to the city, the color green is predominant.

(This top photo was taken at “The Gap”- more on that in a future post!)

There are so many large and beautiful houses nestled into the greenery along the river, in fact, that you start to wonder how there can exist so many people who have enough money to live in them! It’s also very relaxing to have the option of taking a ferry into the city center, as well as the more standard transportation of trains and buses.  A scenic commute- who knew?

2 thoughts on “Green Sydney

  1. That is gorgeous! And Sydney is pretty too ;). It’s amazingly green…does it smell like pollution like LA as well? 😉

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