Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

  My cousins David and Sarah have been kind enough to take me in during this trip, and I’m starting out by staying with David in Sydney.  He’s been generously ferrying me around to all the sights, starting with the Opera House, natch.

So far, we’ve seen a lot of the city and tried out some funky markets and shops. What strikes me most about Sydney at this point, is that apart from the accents, it feels familiar. If I had to describe it, it really feels like it’s about 45% British, 45% American, and 10% its own beast. I suspect that part of this comfort level I’m feeling now comes from staying with family, but it’s just interesting that though I’m on the other side of the world and have traveled so far, it’s not greatly different.

It’s a newer country, like the US, and also like the US, the native peoples have been overwhelmed by the Europeans who moved in and took over and made it a “new” country. So there are quite a lot of similarities for many different reasons. As a lighter aside: It’s certainly nice to see some of my favorite English foods in the stores here!  No Wotsits, though.  Those buggers are elusive.

12 thoughts on “Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

  1. SOOOO Awesome!! Thank you so much for your blog. Wonderful pictures and high lights. I may never get to these places but part of me feel like I have now… Thanks again my friend. Hope it all goes very well.

  2. It all looks fantastic Liz. Have a brilliant time. And say hi to our rellies ‘down under’ from the UK gang. Have fun. Xxxxx

  3. What a cool adventure you’re having already! Nice to have family in other countries to visit and have as personal tour guides. Can’t wait to see what else you will be discovering!

  4. Look at how green it is though! That bridge is gorgeous…oh yeah and you look great too ;). What is the bridge called?

  5. Thank you for sharing about the cultural make-up. I am very curious about that and was going to ask you! (Great minds think alike). I am currently doing a counseling project about Native American culture, so I am curious about the natives there.

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